Frequently Asked Questions membina™ Perfect Play Couch

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Perfect Play Couch is now in stock for immediate dispatch! We have limited numbers available. Please sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of the homepage for all the details!

Anyone can use our play couch! Infants and toddlers love to crawl and climb on it, and teenagers love to lounge around on it. Parents can also join their kids on their set ups to do story-time or watch a movie.

- Couch set up is 144 L, 24 H base, 48 H overall, and 72 D
- 3 x square bases (one pair zip together), 72H x 72L x 12D
- 2 x triangle backrests, 25H x 50L x 30D.
- 2 x semicircle bolsters, 22H x 72L x 12H
- 2 x arches, 36H x 73L x 12D
- 2 x small semi-circles, 24H x 48L x 12D

- 2 x large semi-circles, 36H x 72L x 12D
- 1 x circle roller, 22diam x 72L
- complete weight 15kg

We sure do, at no cost to you!
To request your fabric sampls, fill out our contact form below, or send us an email at with your full name and address.

Covers are made from durable and easy to clean commercial grade polyester sofa fabric. Spot cleaning with a upholstery cleaner or water will lift most stains, but covers can be unzipped and thrown into the washing machine for a deeper clean.

Our covers can be washed in a warm wash 40 degrees and line dried, or gentle tumble dried.

The membina™ Perfect
Play Couch includes an incredible 14 pieces and lots of intricate, fun shapes.
This includes:
- 3 x square bases
(one pair zip together)
- 2 x triangle backrests
- 2 x semicircle bolsters
- 2 x arches
- 2 x small semi-circles
- 2 x large semi-circles

- 1 x circle roller

The downside of shipping the play couch compressed with the covers on meant the luxurious fabric came out super wrinkly. The difficulty with shipping the play couch uncompressed lies in the bulkiness of the product, making the shipping charges extortionate- this left us having to decide to work with a margin that wasn’t feasible to operate, or having to pass on the shipping costs to the customer, neither of which worked for us. The Goldilocks solution was to compress the foam (our foam is of the highest quality, so rebounding to its full size is no problem), and have the covers placed in the box separately.

With this solution in mind, we went back to design covers that have thoughtful zip placements that zip open all the way around the shape. This means it is very, very easy to pop your foam pieces into the covers. The plus side is that washing your covers will also be an easy task, with no difficult stuffing or trying to get a square plug into a round hole!

Shipping fees will differ by state due to the bulkiness and size of this item. We thank you for your understanding.
VIC, NSW and ACT: $25
QLD and SA: $35
NT, TAS and WA - $60

Yes! We specifically wanted a fabric that had texture for luxe feel, look and ultimate grippy-ness, but also be pet friendly. The fabric is not "weave" or "loop" ', but more a micro-patterned brush/pile so no claws can catch anywhere. Dog fur brushes straight off - we've tested this at membina™ HQ....we have two dogs, one being a Chocolate Labrador!

Yes you can! Our foam is carefully selected to provide a firm and comfortable base for naps and sleeps. Please note our product is not certified to pass as a newborn overnight sleep apparatus.

For best practice, we recommend you open the box as soon as you receive it, however, it is also fine to delay opening it if you need to. If you're unboxing it later, the foam may just take longer to rebound to full size. Rest assured, we use very high quality foam and it will not affect the function of your Perfect Play Couch.

membina™ is 100% Australian owned and designed in Melbourne. The membina™ Perfect Play Couch is made by the highest quality manufacturing partner overseas using imported certipur-US certified foam.

To keep overheads low, membina™ operates as an online business only. We are not able to offer any collection options.

Yes. membina™ products are covered by a one year warranty. This covers any manufacturing defects and faults. The warranty does not cover spills or stains to the fabric, or general wear and tear from play and use.

Upon assessment, we have the option of having our in-house seamstresses in Melbourne to repair the overs/zip related warranty claims, or replacing the cover for you. Foam can also be replaced if needed but our foam is very high quality and thoroughly inspected so we anticipate this to be very very rare.