Why membina™?

membina™ exists to offer the Perfect Play Couch for parents, carers and children. It is the product of meticulous rounds of research, testing, designing and prototyping, and the result is everything we hope you’ll need! 

Design focused.

Aesthetic suitability is not ordinarily a primary focus of most children's toy and furniture products - we’re here to change that. We think that there should be no reason why a play couch should not be the pinnacle of fun, but also look good in your home. membina™ has chosen to use durable, but beautiful fabrics in neutral colour offerings to compliment a design-conscious interior.

Function focused.

When creating a product for little ones, functionality matters above all else. That’s why we’ve carefully designed a play couch with thoughtful features like matching fabric handles and zip-head covers, grippy fabrics, washable covers, zip-together bases and lots of fun and usable shapes. 

Value focused.

When designing a product, affordability and value has to be carefully considered. Boring, but important conversations were had around quality vs quantity vs features, and words like pricepoint, and margins, and RRP and shipping rates were thrown around. We wanted to offer something that embodied high quality, value and a core-product that offered a complete set-up straight out of the box. We really think we did it: A generous 14 pieces, fun shapes, quality foam, quality commercial grade beautiful fabrics and affordable shipping. 

I love the idea that this play couch brings us back to the "old school" way of playing. There is something really wholesome about this kind of learning.

We think the membina™ is the perfect play couch set, and we are sure you and the kids will think so too. Thank you for the support, from our family to yours!